Beginner's Guide to Blindfolds
Sep 2020

We rely on our senses so much - especially when it comes to sex. Think about how you react to sexy stimulation. You hear someone moaning. You feel their hands on you. You taste the sweet juices of their body. You smell their sweet fragrance as they walk in the room. You see their beautiful body. That last one, sight, is one of our most relied upon sensory experiences.


What would you do if your companion temporarily restricted your sight? This might sound like a panic-inducing situation for some, but there is great erotic potential in not being able to see during sex. It has been practiced for a very long time because sight feels so crucial, when you take it away, other amazing sensations take over in the body. This is why blindfolds and eye masks have been a successful part of pleasure chests for so long!


Blindfolds and eye masks

Some might use blindfolds to sleep properly at night or to surprise someone with a roomful of people because they are just a tool that covers the eyes to prevent sight. Now, sexy blindfolds and eye masks are a little different. Depending on your sexy style, they can be made from leather, silk, PVC and many other sexy materials. They fit snug, but comfortably around the eyes to ensure no sneaky peeks are taken. There are a wide variety of colours and patterns accessible - you can even get wild with animal prints!


Enhancing sensory reactions

Did you know that when you take away the ability of one sense, other senses compensate and work harder for your body? This is what makes blindfolds so very appealing. When your eyes are covered and you can no longer rely on one of our most powerful senses, your other senses become more sensitive. If you concentrate, you’ll notice your hearing will be amplified.

The feeling of touch against your skin will be amazing - that hand running up your inner thighs will cause goosebumps across your whole body. Being blindfolded is one of the most exhilarating sexual experiences you will ever have.


Teasing temperatures

Blindfolds are great fun on their own, but they are even better when you combine them with other things to bring out the incredible possibilities of sensory pleasure. One hot scenario is combining hot and cold! Place the blindfold on your partner and then get your supplies. Find a variety of hot and cold items: one washcloth soaked in cool water, one in warm, ice cubes and hot candle wax. Alternate using these pieces on different parts of their body. Their responses will be intense and erogenous!


Using blindfolds and eye masks

As with other BDSM-related sex toys, you and your partner must establish a safeword before you start using a blindfold. It is possible that not being able to see throughout sexual play could discourage people. And if they are also bound, they won’t be able to remove the blindfold immediately to help them recover. It is even a good idea to add a specific safeword for the blindfold. Your partner might just need to look at your face or the surroundings to become grounded and ready for more.

Blindfolds are one of those sex toys that are greatly useful in both soft, passionate lovemaking and hard, BDSM activity. There is a great opportunity in each! On the lighter side, one lover can wear the blindfold and then be lavished with attention, from massages to oral sex to passionate sex. On the BDSM side, the dominant can take the submissive’s sight away - another form of showing dominance. The submissive can also happily give it up. Spankings and paddlings and bondage will be that much more intense!

One other use of blindfolds is for people who struggle with affection and body problems. Some folks have a hard time looking at their companion during sex, particularly as they receive oral or manual stimulation. Wearing a blindfold can put that person at ease, and, possibly help them grow towards better recognition of pleasure and their body. Over time, the blindfold could be eased up, allowing just a bit of vision each time. If all goes well, they may be able to experience the amazing scenes of sex.

Here at Mephisto Toys, we are all about teaching you to explore your body and break the negative stigma that has been attached to the adult industry for years. We truly want to help the sex lives of people all over Australia. It is what we do! If you are ready to have the sex life you deserve, purchase some quality adult products and sex toys online today!