How to Care for Your Lingerie
Sep 2020

The sexiness of your lingerie cannot be argued. Dressing up is a popular hobby that we appreciate when young and love when we are grown-ups. Lingerie can make the wearer feel like the sexiest person - and rightly so. A huge part of feeling sexy is self-care and esteem. And wearing lingerie can massively boost your self-confidence!

However just as lingerie can help us take care of us, we need to take care of our lingerie. Almost all lingerie is produced from a specialty material, be that lace, lycra, spandex, satin, nylon, latex or leather. All of those materials need some form of specialised care to make your sexytime outfits last.

Check out our expert tips on how to care for your lingerie.

One of the best ways to care for your lingerie is by ensuring it gets put on a coat hanger in your wardrobe. And none of these metal wire coat hangers! Prepare yourself lots of plastic hangers for your or your companion's lingerie sets. Many different lingerie materials are inclined to wrinkling, and occasionally those wrinkles will turn into permanent creases. These will not only jeopardise the appearance of your outfit, but those creases will also compromise the material, resulting in holes after some time.

Lingerie laundry detergents
For those that are confused, different laundry detergent makes a difference in the durability and overall look of your clothes. Hence it is only logical that there be a specific lingerie washing detergent for you to use. These products are specifically designed to treat your delicates with the delicate care they deserve! Lingerie washing detergent will keep all of your soft materials nice and soft.

Read the labels
You must be familiar with the specific needs of all of the various materials in your wardrobe. And that’s what those annoying labels are for. It is recommended that you not cut those labels off because you will undoubtedly need to refer to it at some time later on. The tag will tell you whether it is washer safe or if it should be hand-washed. Should your lingerie be put in the dryer or is that not advisable? Various kinds of lingerie have a separate wash and dry requirements and it is crucial to know the differences.

Air dry your lingerie
Do not machine dry your lingerie but dry them naturally to maintain their shape. You can do this by lying your lingerie flat on a towel or outside on your clothesline.

Special care for fetish materials
Depending on your sexual excitements, your choices in lingerie might be a little more different than the mainstream. If you’re into BDSM or fetish acts, you might be keen to add some leather, latex or rubber to your wardrobe. All of these materials require specialised care. Leather should be treated with a leather cleaner. Latex needs to be cleaned and dried carefully and rubber should also be cleaned, but not placed in a way that it can stretch.
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