How to Choose the Right Condoms
Oct 2020

There used to be many diverse factors that would go into preparing for a hot and sexy night. What kind of outfit would you wear? Would you be going out for dinner or staying in? Are the sheets on the bed know...just in case?


Well, these aren’t the only things that need to be considered nowadays - and haven’t been for a long time. We are in a time that understanding and accepting the chance of coming into contact with sexually transmitted infections is a clear reality in our relationships. Because of this, both guys and gals need to be aware of the types of condoms they are most satisfied and happy with.


Just like sex, condom buying used to be easy - there weren’t that many to pick from. So it wasn’t much of a choice at all! Fortuitously, safer sex options have dramatically improved and our options are more plentiful!


Things to consider when buying condoms


Condom size:

Perhaps the most significant factor when it comes to picking the best condom is the size. Despite their elastic-like nature, condoms are not one size fits all. You can find condoms to fit smaller penises (less than five inches), average penises (five to seven inches) and large penises (eight inches and up). Using a condom that is too big could result in it falling off during sex and a condom that is too small will feel limiting and could more easily break if there is friction.


Condom texture:

People who are on the receiving end of a condom-covered penis often lament the too-smooth texture of a covered penis. Gone are the little ridges from veins and even the tip of the penis. They are too flattened out by a well-fitting condom. To help with this, many condoms feature ribs and studs on their outer surface to provide that much-desired feeling.


Condom thickness:

Everybody desires their condom to be as thin as reasonable to provide the most pleasure possible. Many people who wear condoms bewail the lack of sensation felt through latex. So it seems reasonable to want ultra-thin condoms. You can find these extraordinary condoms, however, they may not be the best fit for what you have in mind. If you enjoy rougher sex or anal sex, you’re best to use regular thickness condoms.


Fun factor:

All too often we think of condoms as a very useful item, something we have to use, not something we want to use. Sure, condoms have a very particular purpose, but it doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun and useful! There are condoms of many different colours for you to experiment with, and you'll find everything from black to glow in the dark. And flavoured condoms are great for oral sex!


Pack size and price:

Choosing the right condom can be just like picking your favourite type of clothes or lingerie. Everyone has their likings and we have the right to be picky. So when you are deciding between different types of condoms, you may want to choose a pack with fewer condoms first, to try them out to make sure they are best for you and your companion. However, once you do decide on a brand and style you enjoy, it is more efficient to buy the larger packs.


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