Men's Guide: How to Buy Sexy Lingerie for Women
Sep 2020

One of the most sensual things a guy can do for his special lady companion is bring home a beautifully wrapped gift of sexy lingerie. Everybody wishes to feel sexually appreciated and saying “I want to look at your body in these beautiful garments” is a very nice compliment to her sexiness and sensual appeal.


However, if films and TV have taught us anything, it is that this journey is fraught with risk and the potential for difficult circumstances. Ultimately, guys can suck at purchasing lingerie for their companions because they just don’t understand what they are doing. Buying lingerie isn’t like picking up groceries. There is a lot of information you need in advance, as well as a keen understanding of your partner’s turn-ons and desires. You also need to be in tune with your partner’s emotions on her body image.


Check out these tips to making your lingerie buying adventure a successful one that delivers some sexy pieces both you and your companion will enjoy.


  1. Know the proper sizes
    It is always important to know what styles of lingerie your companion will feel comfortable in, but it is just as vital to know what sizes your companion wears - or else she truly will not be comfortable in her lingerie! Some lingerie does come in one-size-fits-all or the standard small/medium/large and for these, you can ask her to approximate her size, or you can look at other items in her wardrobe that seem to be of a similar shape. However, some lingerie requires specific measurements, such as bra size and you must get these right. Nobody is going to feel sexy in lingerie that does not fit. And, picking the wrong size may be taken as an insult!
  2. Ask her what she likes
    There are so many varieties of lingerie, it can be overwhelming to try and navigate the different styles. Who will know better what she will feel comfortable in than her? This doesn’t mean you have to do the actual shopping together. The two of you can cosy up with a laptop, moving through the pages to find the styles you like best. Then you can go off on your occasion and pick and choose from the list you placed in your cart. Chances are, you will have to do the actual shopping later because you’ll be too turned on if you were to shop together!
  3. Shop to fill a fantasy
    There will be a great temptation to shop for specific lingerie that you are turned on by. And, for sure, seeing your partner as a living representation of your fantasy is a tremendous turn-on. But your fantasy and her fantasy need to align, or at least be alike. Nobody is going to feel sexy in lingerie that turns her off. But this is the fun part of looking for lingerie together. You can look at sexy pictures together, point out the ones you like and then get her feedback. Guys have a tendency to pick lingerie that falls more on the “slutty” side and some women just aren’t into that.
  4. Ask a friend
    If you’d like to make your lingerie purchase a surprise, one of your best resources could be your companions best friend. She will probably know the colours your companion likes best, the materials and maybe even the actual styles. Friends tend to share all of their thoughts and this might extend to undergarment preferences.


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